What's in an Ivy's cookie?
Only the very best natural and organic ingredients, many of which are locally sourced from Oxfordshire and surrounding counties. All of our colours and flavours are natural. There are absolutely no refined nasties lurking anywhere in our cookies. A rather virtuous treat, all things considered.

Is your chocolate Fair Trade?
Yes, it is all Fair Trade and organic.

Are your cookies suitable for vegetarians?
Yes, but unfortunately not for vegans (they contain eggs and butter).

Do you have gluten-free cookies?
We offer some cookie flavours with wheat flour substitutes. 

Are your cookies suitable for peanut or other nut allergies?
No, they are not, our dough may contain nut traces. 

How long do your cookies typically last?
Ivy's cookies are best eaten within four days (but we doubt they'll be around for that long!). For events running longer term, we schedule regular deliveries.

Can your cookies be frozen?
Yes, they can be frozen and eaten at a later date. We recommend wrapping cookies individually to ensure best results.

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